You can enjoy raw food everyday
deliciously and easily

with these 30 straightforward recipes, taken straight from the Everyday Easy (Summer) 2021 evening classes.


"Absolutely beautiful, really delicious dishes. Fast and useful recipes which will definitely help to stay on the raw path." 🥰


Learn to make core staples such as
Sour cream
Quick pickled raisins
Ranch dressing
Strawberry jelly
Coconut yoghurt
Preserved lemons
Vanilla cashew cream

On the menu
Courgette and dill soup
Mexican inspired soup
Meggyleves (Hungarian Sour Cherry Soup)
Watercress, rocket and pea soup
Pickled watermelon salad
Late summer nectarine Cobb salad with ranch dressing
Lemony linguine with caper and pea smash
Spinach, strawberry and pink peppercorn goats cheese
Hungarian style cucumber salad with sour cream
Marinated mushroom steak
Pasta puttanesca
Nachos (2 variations) with queso style cheese and salsa
Almond butter ice cream with strawberry jelly & almond cookie dough
Fresh figs stuffed with orange blossom 'ricotta'
Peach melba with raspberry ripple ice cream
Blackberry Fool
Strawberry margarita sorbet
Calabrian spaghetti with pickled raisins
Raspberry and white chocolate custard pots

All dishes have a summer vibe .

** Suitable for complete newbies and established raw foodies alike.  

Here's what people are saying about the recipes...

"The pickled watermelon salad was incredible!"

"I’m still buzzing from the spinach and “goat cheese” salad!"

“I joined the ‘Easy Everyday foods’ yesterday ....decided to rustle up what I was the ‘pea and caper smash’ that caught my eye...decided to give it to hubby with, loved it, so that’s on the menu again. 😋"

Yes! Give please give me the summer recipe bundle

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