"The Raw Food Chef's Raw Food Chef"

Deliciously Raw has given thousands of people a taste for plant-based raw food since 2012. 

Founder Deborah Durrant is one of the industry’s best kept secrets, ‘the raw food chef’s raw food chef,’ training many people in the industry with food and wellness businesses, entrepreneurial thought leaders and raw food hobbyists too. 

Deliciously Raw’s style of training focusses on developing understanding of ingredients, rather than just recipes, and how this can be used whilst acquiring foundational formulas and techniques.

The training has been described as ‘Hogwarts for Raw Food Chefs,’ helping people to craft their culinary skills to create raw food that enchants the senses.  

Becoming a raw chef can take years of experience as you learn and repeat skills and start to understand the ingredients you are working with.  The phase ‘repetition is the mother of all skill’ is as true in the culinary world as it is in any vocation.  

The Deliciously Raw Academy seeks to fast track you through your education by providing practical information, experience, insights and hands-on activities across a wide range of applications.

The ancient Forest of Dean in the Gloucestershire/Welsh borders is home to the Deliciously Raw test and production kitchen for the online raw food Deli and Chef’s Academy for live hands-on training. It is also the development kitchen for unique menus for raw food private dining, special events, foraging finds and creating materials for the online Academy.

It's our pleasure to share our passion for making delicious raw food with hundreds of people every year.

About Deborah

Raw Food Chef

Deborah is a self-confessed foodie who didn’t like kale who followed her dream to train at the 105 degrees culinary school in the US with Matthew Kenney, working in one of his restaurants in Maine, before returning to the UK to start Deliciously Raw.

Deborah holds the following culinary, teaching and coaching qualifications

Diploma in Advanced Raw and Living Cuisine with Professional Applications (Matthew Kenney Culinary), 

Diploma in Advanced Vegan Cookery (Demuths) 

Certificate in Cooked Patisserie (Ashburton)

Master of Science (MSc) in Change Agents Skills and Strategies from the University of Surrey (merit). 

Certified Cultural Transformation Tools Consultant™, The Values Centre

Four Fields Foundation Qualification in Transactional Analysis 

Certificate in Writing Life Narratives from University of Oxford.


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