Journey through online and join in our passion of Raw Food

Let me come into your home and improve your capability and skills to make delicious raw plant-based food.

Why Learn with Us?

  • Flexibility to learn at your own pace

    Participate in the programmes anywhere in the world in your own time and at your own pace.

    Work from your own kitchen - each course outlines the equipment you need

    Flexible assignment process (all we ask is that if you want to take the Diploma, you complete all assignments within a year once you trigger the start date)

    Access the content for as long as you wish

    Enjoy sharing the food you make with friends and family to get them involved

  • Structure and support

    Personal supported approach personally taught and led by Raw Chef Deborah Durrant

    Downloadable and printable course notes, delicious recipe cards and recipe templates.

    Fun activities, taste tests and mini quizzes to support your learning.

    Some courses (where specified) have recorded or live video presentations and regular live Q&As.

    Assignments on Certificated courses for further insights and feedback.

    Some courses are purely recreational so there is no need to submit assignments.

  • Practical classes underpinned by culinary theory

    Combine practical activities and culinary theory.

    Whilst raw plant-based cuisine breaks the mould in terms of how food is created, we use common reference points that you would find in classical cookery to enable you to gain a deeper understanding of the intended outcomes and science behind raw food preparation.

    Courses take a step by step structured approach enabling you to build your knowledge with confidence.

    Through the course programme you can produce raw food to an advanced level and create and adapt recipes of your own.

  • Inspiring creativity

    Support in achieving your ideas. Emphasis how you can adjust recipes to according to your own preferences and availability of local produce.

    On the professional courses, we provide recipe frameworks, so you can swap out different ingredients.

    We encourage you to find your own culinary voice and you have the freedom to experiment within safe parameters.

  • Community Support

    Ask questions and discuss course content with your own course support group.

    Global community of students helps inform wide reaching and rich discussions, strengthens bonds and helps to broaden your network.