Darker evenings lend themselves to

cosying up and making the most of the Autumn harvest

with raw food dishes that combine sweetness with a touch of spice using ingenious techniques to make ridiculously comforting and indulgent raw food recipes for colder weather. 

" Quite simply, her food is amazing,"  Pete Cohen, The Weight loss  Guru, GMTV


If you are a foodie, it can be a challenge to eat more raw food as the air smells of wood smoke and you yearn for a bowl of warm soup.


You can still eat raw food everyday. With all the textures and flavours as you do with cooked food.  

Deliciously and easily.

It just takes a little bit of technical know-how.

And here's how.

In Deliciously Raw Everyday Easy, I’ll show you exactly how to create warming, comforting and delicately spiced flavours and create different textures to give your Autumn to warm your soul.  

Here's what's in store...

Session One

Beetroot and cumin soup
Fettucine alfredo
 Sticky plum flapjack bars

Session Two

Teriyaki mushrooms
Firecracker rice
 Blackberry jam drop cookies

Pumpkin pie streusel bars

Session Three

Creamy tomato bisque
Peppers stuffed with herbs and olive goat's cheese
Pumpkin ice cream with candied pecans turtles  

Session Four

Warm blackberry and apple breakfast crumble
Ginger and garlic ramen
Chocolate fondant cookie
Chamomile Latte

4 x 1 hour (ish) classes

All dishes have a cold weather vibe in this series.

"I have really enjoyed the Everyday Easy programme so far because it is just that and so I would very much love an Autumn, Winter and Spring series. Is that asking too much? "  Carol, London 

** Suitable for complete newbies and established raw foodies alike.  

Here's what people said about Everyday Easy Summer..

"The pickled watermelon salad was incredible!"

"I’m still buzzing from the spinach and “goat cheese” salad!"

“I joined the ‘Easy Everyday foods’ yesterday ....decided to rustle up what I had....it was the ‘pea and caper smash’ that caught my eye...decided to give it to hubby with pasta....bingo, loved it, so that’s on the menu again. 😋"

"Absolutely beautiful, really delicious dishes. Fast and useful recipes which will definitely help to stay on the raw path. 🥰

What you get

  • Recordings of the classes - downloaded or stream online

  • Downloadable PDFs of all recipes presented in the classes

  • Lots of tips, guidance and a BIG push forwards

  • Community forum for Q & As

  • Course lifetime access

  • Vegetarian Society approved course

Is it for you?

If you've been eating raw food during the summer - whether it's juice and a smoothie, or more, it can quickly start to unravel when the weather gets colder.  

You yearn for food that is comforting and soothing  - a bit like a food equivalent of a hug and a cosy blanket. 

Maybe you enjoy raw food and enjoy fresh fruit,  but the thought of raw food  - especially 'salad' doesn’t really get you excited - and the only crunch you want to hear is the one of autumn leaves beneath your feet - not a celery stick. 

Maybe you've already tried eating raw food and enjoyed it, but need a bit more variety.

Maybe you've already taken lots of classes and are looking for some fresh raw food ideas. 

Maybe you've been knocked off balance – stress at work, illness, big changes in your life, and you want to slowly introduce some healthy changes to your lifestyle choices and kick off those old habits that you've reverted to - before those habits become ENTRENCHED.

Even if you think that you’ll NEVER be one of those people that will enjoy chowing down on a bowl of raw kale - (by the way, I’m not that person and never will be) ...

....then this series of classes will give you fresh ideas and transform your view of how delicious raw food can be in colder weather - so you can ADD IT IN - as much or as little as you want.

These are SKILLS for LIFE. 

Yes! I'm all in for this.

Lessons are approx. £11.25 each

Cosy up and make the most of the Autumn harvest

with this cold weather cook-a-long masterclass

  • £27.50

    £27.50Colder Weather Series 4: Nest Masterclass

    Discover more ingenious techniques to make ridiculously comforting and indulgent raw food recipes for colder weather in this cook-a-long masterclass.
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Who am I? 

My name is Deb Durrant, I’m the founder of Deliciously Raw and I am a plant-based raw food Chef.

Here’s why I’m uniquely & firmly qualified to tell you everything you had ever wanted to know about making raw food delicious, interesting and developing easy strategies so that you want to eat it (even if you are a kale lover or loather).

I am one of the industry’s best kept secrets, described as ‘the raw food chef’s raw food chef,’ undertaking raw food catering for spas, bars, celebrities and supermodels.

I am a qualified plant-based raw food chef AND I hold a Master’s Degree in Change Agent Skills and Strategies (that means supporting people JUST LIKE YOU through making changes.)

I started Deliciously Raw because I want to show people how to make raw food delicious, and also because I want people to know that there is a solution, their salvation and their chance to forever say ADIOS to knowing what to eat, and how to make it delicious forever, and ever.

I have supported over 7,000 people to eat raw food deliciously and you may have spotted my recipes or features here. 

Unmissable classes to end raw food boredom FOR GOOD !