Have you ever harboured a dream to be a raw food chef?

Have you considered turning your passion for plant-based food into a career?

"I've been watching the You: Becoming a Raw Food Chef series . It really is helpful to hear you talk about things I've never heard talked about in raw culinary school before."  Beth, United States

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Is raw food your passion?

Have you got the sparkle of an idea for a new dream business?

Do your friends and family love the raw food you make and say 'you should sell this!'

Are you wondering how you can make raw food pay as a career choice, especially now the world  has changed over the last two years?

Do you want to be liberated from raw recipe books?

Do you think you’re not quite there yet, or that it can’t happen for you? Because... [insert your own list of reasons here]….I'm not judging, we all have a list of reasons as to why not, or why not now. 

Or do you simply want to eat more raw food deliciously - and have a wider range of knowledge of raw food for personal health reasons?

If you answered YES to any of these.

This sounds familiar. I know this story. This was my story.


Who am I?

My name is Deb Durrant, I’m the founder of Deliciously Raw and I am a plant-based raw food Chef.

I’ve been making a good living as a raw food chef  - full time - for ten years now.

I am one of the industry’s best kept secrets, described as ‘the raw food chef’s raw food chef,’ undertaking raw food catering for spas, bars, celebrities and supermodels.

I am a qualified plant-based raw food chef AND I hold a Master’s Degree in Change Agent Skills and Strategies (that means supporting people JUST LIKE YOU through making changes.)

Join me for this exciting week where I will be lifting the lid on the insider secrets on what you need to know on becoming a raw food chef, whether its full time or as part of a portfolio of work.   

Over this week, I will be revealing the magic beans that you can sow that will help you get ahead in raw food.

You will learn:

  • Ways you can make a living as a raw food chef (or create a profitable side hustle)

  • How to build credibility as a raw chef when you are starting out

  • Why people struggle with raw food recipe development.  (If you’ve ever had an idea to make a new raw dish and it didn't go as planned, or you looked at what's on your plate and felt a teensy bit disappointed)

  • The skills and knowledge it takes to become a raw food chef professionally

  • I will also be explaining more about advanced and professional practice

Also you'll get a sneak peek inside the forthcoming Diploma in Raw Chef Mastery and find out if it's for you.

Even if you are not ready to take a big step yet, come and dip your toe in the water to find out what’s involved.

Because if you don't find out now, when will you?

Vegetarian Society Approved

Learn about the must-have skills and knowledge you'll need for recipe development

“You should be so proud Deb. I'm so lucky to have changed my career because of you." 

Elaine Douglas, Naturopathic Clinical Nutritionist, Belfast www.thenourishedsprout.com

Yes! I would like to take the next step to becoming a raw chef

Vegetarian Society Approved

“To work with Deborah has been one of my greatest experiences since starting with raw cuisine. She is truly a ‘Raw Food Wizard.”

Monika Wacker, Canada www.schoccolatta.com

Become a raw food wizard

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