Capture the spirit of summer with these irresistible good things for picnics

One of the most wonderful aspects of the summer is the opportunity to lay in the long grass under wide blue skies. And it's all the better when we have some delicious raw food treats to enjoy with others. 

This menu takes inspiration from the classic flavours of the British summer such as strawberries, BBQs and fragrant summer herbs. 

Masterclass Recording

(Length: approx. 2 hours)

On the Menu  

 Strawberry gazpacho
 Coronation wraps 
 Radish and lettuce slaw with poppy seeds and lemon sour ‘cream’
Brochettes with sweet BBQ sauce 
Piñata salad
 Jam jar trifles
 Strawberry picnic bars
 Probiotic basil limeade (with water kefir and without)

Prepared step-by-step . 

Presented by Raw Chef Deborah.

“I love the way you explain your reasoning behind your choice of ingredients and the different techniques. Amazing how many different techniques you cover in one short masterclass.”   Laura, France

Create inspiring new dishes to revive and refresh for your summer adventures.

This masterclass is packed full of tips, techniques and recipes - it's like being in the Deliciously Raw studio in person. Here are a few of the techniques that you’ll learn. Simple, easy to achieve - dehydrator optional.

Strawberry gazpacho – get your adventure started with this beautiful summery soup bursting with freshness, made with an unusual method. "My husband gave this an A+"

Lemon sour cream - this delight works well as a dressing or as a dip. "Was absolutely FANTASTIC!”

Sweet BBQ sauce - This is THE sauce for sunny days - or you can even spread it on pizza.

Jam jar trifles - trifle is a classic and not just for Christmas. These portable trifles are oh-so-summery  to be enjoyed under summer skies. Complete with macerated fruits, glorious custard and raw gluten-free sponge, these are trifles that are not just for picnics.  "“It is a genius recipe..... really tastes like a trifle.”

Strawberry picnic bars – crunchy and sweet, a  delicious and versatile treat. Picnic bars to take with you that will go down well with small kids and big kids alike. Also good for gym bags and other days out when you want something delicious - on the move. “The picnic bars and the trifle were an amazing hit with my fussy teenagers.”

Probiotic basil limeade - learn to make water kefir and secondary fermentation with refreshing infusions that are adaptable to other flavours.

Plus, you’ll have all the technical know-how, shopping list and recipes and a download of the video to watch again if you wish. 

"Highly recommend. Loved the format of this live and recorded course. I am looking forward to the next, Deb."   

Philomena Bull, Canada

“This evenings Masterclass was superb ! I don't normally particularly like curry. The flavours were exceptional.”  Laura, France

"I made the whole menu and everything was utterly delicious. Can't wait for the next one. Brilliant experience.🌟"   Lucy, UK

The Deliciously Raw: Good Things for Picnics masterclass is approved by the Vegetarian Society, UK. 

Vegetarian Society Approved

What you get

  • Access to the downloadable recording of the 'cook-a-long' demonstration - either watch online or download to watch offline

  • Recipe download of all the recipes

  • Shopping list

  • Equipment list

  • Step by step prep guide for cooking along to the video

  • Community forum for Q & As

  • Course lifetime access

  • Vegetarian Society approved course

Yes! Give me picnics, delicious raw food and summer skies....

Vegetarian Society Approved

“To work with Deborah has been one of my greatest experiences since starting with raw cuisine. She is truly a ‘Raw Food Wizard.”

Monika Wacker, Switzerland

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Once you sign up, you will have access to the recording. You can download the shopping list,  prep sheet and recipes.  Feel free to 'cook-a-long' if you want to - or concentrate on watching the masterclass and make the recipes afterwards. 

There is a dedicated discussion forum in the academy platform for you to chat with colleagues, ask questions and share photos.

What is included in this course?

Access to the recording,  shopping list, prep list, recipe download, equipment list and community discussion forum. 

Is there a time limit to complete the programme?

No, this masterclass is structured so that you can either cook-a-long or watch the downloadable recording and then replicate the recipes. You will need access to the internet.  All the materials are downloadable.  Course lifetime access.

What equipment will I need?

You’ll need a blender, a food processor, a knife, mandolin or vegetable peeler, a nut milk bag, jam jars - and other equipment that you will probably have in your kitchen. A dehydrator is optional.

How much support will I receive?

There is a dedicated community discussion board and lesson for you to ask questions of Deborah and take part in chats with your fellow participants.  

What is the cancellation policy?

We hope that you’ll enjoy the course and won’t feel the need to cancel.  Once you access the materials, given it is a digital product, you will have benefitted and you will not be eligible for an automatic full refund. However, if you are unhappy with the masterclass, please let us know and we will endeavour to put it right. 

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