Raw food to fall in love with.

Vegetarian Society Approved

A Valentine's themed raw food masterclass to enchant and bewitch.

On the Menu  

King Oyster scallops
Bang bang noodles
Cacao, raspberry and passion fruit torte
Raspberry rose crush
Red velvet hot chocolate

Prepared step-by-step in 'real-time' making the menu in front of you. 

Watch online, or download the recording to watch offline.
Cook-a-long or watch the masterclass and make the dishes later.

“I made the whole menu and everything was utterly delicious. Can't wait for the next one. Brilliant experience 🌟”  

Lucy MacMaster, UK

Create a luscious raw food menu to make hearts skip a beat.

This masterclass is packed full of tips, techniques and recipes - it's like being in the Deliciously Raw studio in person. Here are a few of the techniques that you’ll learn. 

Flavour development and balancing - Discover raw chef’s techniques to elevate a menu to take it from ordinary to exceptional. 

Red velvet 'hot' chocolate - a warming chocolate drink to make you blush. Learn how to make it rich and creamy - and to make it feel like a hot drink.

Bang Bang Noodles – you’ll learn how to create a highly adaptable noodles - hand pulled, nice and spicy. Feel good food.

Cacao, raspberry and passion fruit torte  - this fruity raw take on a chocolate classic, the perfect end to a Valentine's meal. Smooooth.  

Plating and presentation - learn  techniques to make it all look pretty. Brown squidgy stuff and noodles can be notorious to work with! 

Plus, you’ll have all the technical know-how, shopping list and recipes and a download of the video to watch again if you wish. 

* All recipes are entirely raw and plant-based. All references to conventional food is for context.

"I love the way you explain your reasoning behind your choice of ingredients and the different techniques. Amazing how many different techniques you cover in one short masterclass."    

Laura, France

What you get

  • Recording of the 'cook-a-long' masterclass (approx 2 hours)- either stream online or download to watch offline

  • Shopping list

  • Recipe download of all the recipes

  • List of equipment needed to make the menu

  • Step by step prep guide

  • Community forum for Q & As

  • Course lifetime access

  • Vegetarian Society approved course

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Once you sign up, you will gain access to all the materials and recording. Watch the recording online or download it to watch offline. Feel free to 'cook-a-long' to the recording if you want to - or concentrate on watching the masterclass and make the recipes afterwards. 

There is a dedicated discussion forum in the academy platform for you to chat with colleagues, ask questions and share photos.

Is there a time limit to complete the programme?

No time limit. There is course lifetime access and all the materials, recipes, shopping list and recording is downloadable for you to keep.  

What equipment will I need?

You’ll need a blender, a food processor or mini coffee grinder, a knife, a vegetable peeler and an optional dehydrator and spiraliser. You will need other equipment such as bowls, spoons and a whisk that you will probably have in your kitchen. 

How much support will I receive?

You can ask questions in the dedicated community discussion board for you to ask questions of Deborah and take part in chats with your fellow participants if you are watching the recording.  

What is the cancellation policy?

We hope that you’ll enjoy the course and won’t feel the need to cancel. Once you access the materials, given it is a digital product, you will have benefitted and you will not be eligible for an automatic full refund. However, if you are unhappy with the course, please let us know and we will endeavour to put it right. 

Yes! This raw food menu is my perfect match.

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Vegetarian Society Approved

“To work with Deborah has been one of my greatest experiences since starting with raw cuisine. She is truly a ‘Raw Food Wizard.”

Monika Wacker, Switzerland www.schoccolatta.com

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