Ok, so you want to do a raw plant-based Christmas... 

...but how do you create a full day of delicious indulgence?… 

…we’re talking from the moment you wake up and open your stocking to that last little treat before bed...


  • make it something the whole family will LOVE without turning Christmas into a refined sugar battle ground
  • without spending hours on recipes that don't taste good that you’ve grabbed from what feels like 101 blogs, aren’t tested properly so you get mixed results
  • without wasting money on ‘must-have’ ingredients that you just don’t use.

Without proper planning at Christmas, food can become a very expensive affair!

Well, think of me as your raw food Santa

Ok so this is Rudolph...

I’m going to show you how to go from this...

A tray of food on a plate

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To this…

Make your raw Christmas food easy

plan ahead...

  • So you can have your Christmas raw and plant-based for under £50

  • Without getting up at 5am to stuff a turkey

  • Without peeling a single spud or top and tailing a single damn Brussel sprout

Dear festive raw food obsessive,

Everyone remembers the food at Christmas,

Whilst you will quickly forget the pair of socks your auntie sent you or the soap from your next-door neighbour (sorry Sally),  

You never forget the food at Christmas 

Take my first effort at a raw food Christmas

A close up of food 
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It was shocking

Nothing particularly special about that (!)

Now, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably already resigned yourself to a similar fate

But that’s where I come in

Let me take you through your deliciously raw food Christmas 

On Christmas eve, after an evening of carolling with your hands wrapped around an almond milk eggnog ..(yes all raw and made by you) and some Christmas cookies

You can wake up refreshed on Christmas morning to open your stocking and eat the satsuma… 

…leisurely enjoy a warming overnight Christmas porridge with some raw gingerbread butter stirred through and a winter fruit salad…

(yes that’s right), you’ve made it the night before so there’s no fuss… 

After you’ve ripped open your presents and the kids have dressed the dog as a reindeer, 

Christmas dog

Mid-morning you can put your feet up after a winter walk with a clementine and cinnamon hot chocolate and salted caramel bars.

An hour in the kitchen at most and lunch is served.

After your post lunch walk, you can present a spiced apple tartlet served with a pumpkin spiced latte.

In the evening, it's party time. Parsnip crisps and fermented chilli salsa, mini peppers stuffed macadamia cheese and more.. even trifle and a slice of raw Black Forest gateau.

Let's start the party today

Yes I would like the Perfect Raw Christmas Plan

On the Menu

Christmas Eve

Almond milk eggnog
Christmas cookies

Christmas Day


Overnight porridge
Gingerbread butter
Winter spiced fruit salad


Clementine and cinnamon hot chocolate
Chocolate fudge cake salted caramel bars  


Cream of carrot soup
Savoury nut roast roulade with raisin and orange marmalade
Apple, prune and red cabbage salad
Radicchio and clementine salad
Kale and pomegranate salad
Christmas Pudding Ice Cream Bombe
Jewelled winter fruit salad


Classic spiced apple and raisin tartlets
Pumpkin spiced latte

Party Time 

Passion Fruit Party Punch
Parsnip crisps
Fermented chilli pineapple salsa
Red peppers stuffed with macadamia cheese
Creamed kale with cranberries and hazelnuts
Carpaccio of fennel and apple
Chocolate and raspberry trifle
Black Forest Gateau

Here's what you get

Yours to download and keep! Relax in the knowledge that all the dishes are easy to follow

  • Step by Step Raw Christmas Plan to make Christmas easier – find out what can be made ahead and what can be frozen plus quick tips and chef cheats

  • Downloadable shopping list

  • All the 26 Recipes from Christmas Eve through to Party Time

  • A Guide to Edible Gifts from the Deliciously Raw Kitchen

  • Christmas Flavours Guide for more festive inspiration

Yes I would like the Perfect Raw Christmas Plan

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Sprinkle some raw food learning magic this season!