Accelerated learning & additional support in the Diploma in Raw Chef Mastery within a facilitated group setting.

An optional add-on to the Diploma in Raw Chef Mastery Programme.

Starts Sunday 6pm UK time 

The Raw Chef Circle is based on the principle of action learning, so let’s look at what is action learning is…

Action learning is a self-development process focussed on problem solving whilst enabling individual and group learning.  

It can often be found as part of leadership development programmes, or as a way of bringing about supportive change within a single organisation or across a field of work. In this case we are applying it to the sector of Raw Plant-based Cuisine to embed knowledge into the field and create the next generation of raw food leaders.

Deborah worked in the field of coaching and organisational change before she became a raw food chef. The Raw Chef Circle is built on her professional development experience.


This is a pilot ADD-ON to the programme to see how it goes within the Diploma to see if it is wanted/needed. 


You must be part of the Diploma in Raw Chef Mastery Plus, Premium or the original cohort in order to participate in Raw Chef Circle.

12 Brilliant Benefits of joining the Raw Chef Circle


There are so many advantages to taking part in this optional element of the programme. 

This is likely to be for you if you want to play an additional active role in the Diploma and need support in integrating the activities into your day-to-day lifestyle or business. 

It aims to

1. Bring people taking the Diploma in Raw Chef Mastery together to support each other, 

2. Provide peer to peer support,

3. Give individuals accountability to the group,

4. By attending the Raw Chef Circle every month, it will help you to further engage with the content, assisting you to further master the Diploma material,

5. Solve real life issues arising from the programme, 

6. Provide an active and immediate sounding board ‘in person’ to test out ideas,

7. Reduce isolation in between live sessions,

8. Build a raw food network and community that will support you moving forwards,

9. Build your confidence, skills and mindset required for a raw food lifestyle, 

10. Develop leadership qualities such as active listening, questioning and feedback skills – essential if you want to build promoting raw food into your existing professional practice,

11. Help create the next network of leaders within the raw food field, 

12. Help create innovation in the field of raw food. 


Individuals have accountability to the group for any actions agreed moving forward.

This process is similar but different to coaching.  This action learning approach helps to put you at the centre of your own learning. 


How does the Raw Chef Circle work?

Each Raw Chef Circle will be limited to only 6 participants taking part in the Diploma in Raw Chef Mastery per group, plus the group facilitator, Deborah Durrant.

There will be 8 sessions in total

1 x Introduction to the Raw Chef Circle and how it works

6 x monthly group sessions

1 x Summary session for the cycle 

This is 8 sessions in total.

Do I have to be taking the Diploma in Raw Chef Mastery to take part in the Raw Chef Circle?

Yes, either as one of the original cohort, or the Diploma Plus or Premium packages. Self-study students are not eligible to take part in Raw Chef Circle.

Will I be with the same people in each session?

The same group will be together for the duration of a Raw Chef Circle cycle, that’s 8 sessions.

How long is each Raw Chef Circle session?

Each facilitated session will last approximately 90 minutes. 

What happens if I can’t attend a session?

You are required to commit to each of the sessions, your peers are relying on you. You are strongly encouraged not to miss a session. If you cannot attend, you will need to let your peer group know and catch up with one of them as to what you missed afterwards.

Will the sessions be recorded?

No. Due to privacy and the nature of what may be discussed, each session will not be recorded. This is so that participants can speak freely and in confidence within the group. Participants may take their own notes.

How many people will be in my Raw Chef Circle?

The ideal number is 6 people per circle plus the facilitator. 

Is this group coaching by Deborah?

No. Just to be clear as to what Raw Chef Circle is not. It isn’t group coaching – i.e. one person brings an issue for the facilitator to solve. Deborah will facilitate a group discussion and will, where appropriate, make suggestions but the focus of action learning is to support you to find solutions and put you in the driving seat as creators of your own knowledge and skills. Learning is a participative process and it’s an opportunity to get completely immersed in your own development and break new ground!      

What kinds of questions can I bring to discuss at my Raw Chef Circle?

Anything concerned with your raw chef lifestyle or business practice.  It might be questions around keeping on track, involving your family, your relationship with food, questions about recipe development or menu creation or catering for a specific event. 

You may wish to have a more in-depth discussion about the material content or simply relish the opportunity to immerse yourself in more discussions about raw food for an hour and a half every month.  

The support and feedback of your Raw Chef Circle can also be beneficial for those wishing to start or develop a raw food practice or business alongside the Diploma in Raw Chef Mastery, as you may benefit from peer feedback relating to your emerging business – such as support with choosing a name, focus, scope of the business etc.  

Will I have to complete the Diploma in Raw Chef Mastery by the time my Raw Chef Circle ends?

No, there is no time limit on completion of the Diploma in Raw Chef Mastery content. Your Raw Chef Circle is there to support your learning for 6 months and to keep you on track.

What happens at the end of my Raw Chef Circle?

The group can either stop, be self-facilitating, or can contract with Deborah to facilitate it for another 6 group sessions. Let’s see where you all are at the end.

What are the dates of Raw Chef Circle?

September 2022: Introduction Session

October: Session 1

November: Session 2

January 2023: Session 3

February: Session 4

March: Session 5

April: Session 6

April: Summary closing session

Make your learning even more social.

It's been proved that collaboration and joint problem solving engages more of your total brain and enhances your learning.

“You should be so proud Deb. I'm so lucky to have changed my career because of you." 

Elaine Douglas, Naturopathic Clinical Nutritionist, Belfast

Yes! I would like to join the Raw Chef Circle.

I am a participant in the Diploma in Raw Chef Mastery Plus/Premium.

Who am I?

My name is Deb Durrant, I’m the founder of Deliciously Raw and I am a plant-based raw food chef.

Not many people know this about me, but before I became a raw food chef, I worked in the field of personal and organisational development and change for 25 years.  

I am a qualified plant-based raw food chef AND I hold a Master’s Degree in Change Agent Skills and Strategies from the University of Surrey (that means I hold a robust 4 year academic qualification in supporting people JUST LIKE YOU through making personal development changes and facilitating groups.) I also hold the Four Fields Mark in Transactional Analysis and I'm a Certified Cultural Transformation Tools Consultant.


I don't leave those skills and my experience behind me when I design my raw chef training programmes - I just use the skills and don't talk about them - but it means that you receive a training programme that accelerates and embeds your learning to get results, if you follow it.  

Vegetarian Society Approved

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