You may have realised by now that raw food as a cuisine isn't like cooked food - the ingredients can be unfamiliar and with a broad range of equipment out there, it can be hard to know what you might need and how to organise it.

If you have been struggling to eat more raw food, it could be that you’re not set up for continued success.

This mini online course shows you how to set up and organise your raw food kitchen including tools of the raw food trade, what pantry items to buy and how to store them, how to zone your kitchen and work like a professional chef.

By the end of this mini course, you will be able to

  • Understand the range of essential tools of the trade for a raw food kitchen
  • List some of the foundational ingredients you would expect to find in a raw food kitchen
  • Create a raw food pantry and understand how to store different ingredients
  • Utilise the Pantry Inventory Checklist so you know what ingredients you have and that they never go out of date
  • Get the most from your herbs and spices
  • Take steps to plan and organise your kitchen into zones to be as efficient as possible - today and in the next few weeks
  • Set up and get organised like a Raw Food Chef
  • Start to implement processes to make you more time efficient in the kitchen

Whilst there are many different expensive machines and gadgets that are used in professional raw food kitchens, delicious raw food can be made with straightforward kitchen equipment. 

Start the process of thinking like a raw food chef and learn how to approach raw food recipes, which should save time and money in the long run.

Vegetarian Society Approved

What you get

1 unit | 6 lessons | 13 + tasks and activities

  • Step by step self-study instruction & activities

  • Raw Food Kitchen Zone Planning Guide

  • Raw Food Kitchen Equipment Checklist

  • Raw Food Pantry Checklist

  • Pantry Inventory Sheet

  • No submission deadlines or assignments

  • Lifetime access to the course

  • Vegetarian Society approved course

Vegetarian Society Approved

“a proper life changer!”

Tania Salender, Belguim

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    How to Set Up and Organise Your Raw Food Kitchen Like a Pro

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